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DIN13167 Bike and Motorcycle first aid kit triangle shape have velcro hook and loop can fix on cycle crossbar suitable for riding,outdoor adventure,Rste nilfe

  • Size:22x15x5.5cm(8.7"x5.9"x2.2")
  • Type:motorcycle and bike riding
  • Product code:OP602

DIN13167 specification First Aid kit is an essential in your Bike and Motorcycle if travelling to Europe; you'll never know when an accident's around the corner that is why you should always put safety first and carry a first aid kit. Ideal for home or car use and specifically designed to meet European regulations, it's packaged inside a high quality canvas zip bag and contains everything mergency supplies you should need for a minor emergency, from alcohol free wipes to sterilise grazes to extra large dressing to protecting the wound

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Motorcycle First-AID Kit MOTO DIN 13167

First-aid kit specially put together for motorcycles. Whether for short tours, long journeys or the daily commute to work, this set includes everything you need for optimal first-aid care in the event of an accident. The enclosed first-aid manual provides a quick overview of immediate life-saving measures in emergency situations. The eye-catching sturdy nylon bag has a zip fastener on three sides for direct access.

compact kit can be quickly and easily stowed under the seat or in the rear fairing, pouch is triangle shape have velcro hook and loop can fix on cycle crossbar suitable for riding,outdoor adventure. The contents are in dustproof, splashproof and hygienic packaging. Please periodically check the expiry date of the individual items. Recommended storage temperature: -25°C to +80°C.

In many countries (e.g. Austria, Italy, Portugal and Spain and other EU country) you are legally obliged to carry a first-aid kit with you! Contents comply with current DIN 13167.

content I (DIN13167):

§ 1 x first aid blanket, gold/silver, 210 cm x 160 cm

§ 2 x pairs of disposable gloves (large), DIN EN 455

§ 14-piece adhesive dressing assortment, DIN 13019

§ 2 x skin-cleansing wipes

§ 1 x roll of sticking plaster, DIN 13019 (5 m x 2.5 cm)

§ 2 x first aid dressings, sterile, DIN 13151 - (8x10 cm/10x12 cm)

§ 1 x sterile compress, DIN 13 152 600 mm x 800 mm

§ 1 x bandage scissors, DIN 58 279-A 145

§ 1 x first aid manual (in 6 languages), "First Aid for Accidents"

content II (OP602):

Adhesive bandages 1“x3" 10
High elastic bandage,S1
PBT bandage,S1
Emergency blanket 1
Triangular bandage1
Non-woven dressing pad,S 3
Gauze pad,M3
First aid tape, 1.25cm1
Antiseptic swab (BZK Pad) 4
Alcohol prep pad 4
CPR mask 1
Scissors 1
Exa PVC gloves2
Bike first aid bag 22x15x5.5cm(8.7"x6"x2.2")1



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