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Car first aid box DIN-13164, Trusa sanitara auto DIN13164, Verbandkasten Inhalt nach DIN 13164 blau Wa,DIN 13164 First Responder

  • Size:23x10x8cm
  • Type:DIN13164 nylon bag
  • Product code:DIN13164 nylon bag with Velcro compact style

The Profile Auto DIN13164 specification First Aid kit is an essential in your car if travelling to Europe; you'll never know when an accident's around the corner that is why you should always put safety first and carry a first aid kit in your car. Ideal for home or car use and specifically designed to meet European regulations, it's packaged inside a high quality canvas zip bag or PP plastic case and contains everything mergency supplies you should need for a minor emergency, from alcohol free wipes to sterilise grazes to extra large dressing to protecting the wound.

  1. Descriptions

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The DIN Standard First Aid Kit is the perfect compact kit to keep in your car, truck, lorry or motorhome. The kit contains the DIN standard items to comply with European law. It is now required that when driving on the continent that you have a DIN 13164 first aid kit in the car at all times, and this is the perfect option.

-An essential first aid kit that meets EU travel requirements;

-While driving by road in most EU countries this kit is a legal requirement;

-All products within the kit feature multilingual descriptions;

-Supplied in a soft grab bag for ease of storage;

-Bright colouring makes the first aid kit easier to identify in low light conditions.

Contants in this kit:

1 Adhesive Tape 2.5cm x 5m

1 Burn Dressing (Sterile) 40 x 60cm

1 Burn Dressing (Sterile) 60cm x 80cm

2 Cleansing Wipes

2 Conforming Bandage 6cm x 4m

3 Conforming Bandage 8cm x 4m

2 Gloves (Pairs)

1 Emergency Foil Blanket 160 x 210cm

1 First Aid Leaflet

14 Plasters, Washproof Assorted

1 Scissors

1 Standard Dressing (Sterile) 10cm x 12cm

1 Standard Dressing (Sterile) 6cm x 8cm

2 Standard Dressings (Sterile) 8cm x 10cm

2 Triangular Bandages 136cm x 96cm x 96cm

3 Wound Compresses 10cm x 10cm (2pcs)

1 Nylon bag 23x10x8cm (9"x4"x3")

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TAG:   DIN13164 nylon bag with Velcro compact style

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